Custom Homes

You can customize your car to have any features that you would like it to have. Why shouldn’t you customize your house as well? Many people try to do this one tedious project at a time, making do with the other rooms until they get the time, energy and money to start all over. How about instead you start with the home you really want, with no upgrades or updates needed? What if you have a fully customized house from Day One? We build on what we learn from each of our Homeowners, and because of our care and attention, we are able to offer unparalled standards of excellence.

A luxury custom home is more than just a house. Building your custom home should be among those moments. Our process for taking your custom home from an idea to a reality is unlike any you’ll find. When all is said and done, you have the satisfaction of presenting a home that speaks of your taste and character that words cannot express. We will achieve your goal of creating a house, which you can call home. Our tight focus and our heavy emphasis on superior customer service makes us one of the leading builders around. The primary philosophy of Black Oak building Company is to provide safe, energy-efficient, resource-efficient, environmentally friendly houses, at prices our customers can afford.

The most important aspect of constructing a new luxury home, custom home or addition is choosing the builder that can meet the needs of the client on a daily basis. In the past, people were interested in owning a home just for the sake of owning a home. The new owners want to design their dream home to their expectations, meet their aesthetic preferences and habits of being. This trend has created a strong demand for custom homes in the U S. We are also experienced at building country homes on acreage that requires private wells and aerobic systems, besides building in established developments Derecor Homes can build a unique custom home to fit the owners’ specific needs. From lot analysis, to design, through selections, and on to construction and closing no other builder has the expertise, talent or systems that we provide. We take a holistic design approach for all houses, looking at all systems simultaneously, and effectively utilizing the knowledge and experience of all team members including designers, landscape planners, subcontractors and our clients. It is our belief that this reputation helps us take the first steps in establishing each new client relationship. It is also to ensure your comfort through the entire process.